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globalwikibio.com is an Online Website exclusively covering Celebrity Biographies. Our team has one writer and backend member who manages the website and content. We provide the latest actor, actress, celebrity, and star biographies from all over the world.

Author: Arindam Das, Founder: Anit tarafdar

About founder

Anit Tarafdar is from the busy city of Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal. Anit is a proud B.Tech Leather Technology graduate who has moved his analytical and technical skills into the digital world without any trouble. He knows a lot about SEO and on-page optimization, so he is good at making websites more visible and bringing in organic traffic. Anit’s background is a mix of traditional education and modern digital skills. This makes him a unique asset in online marketing, which is always changing. Anit’s varied background makes him a skilled and versatile professional in leather technology and search engine algorithms. He understands the complexities of both fields and can use them to his advantage.

About author

Hello, friends, my name is Arindam Das. I am a blogger. I graduated from Calcutta University with B.com (H). I started blogging in 2014. I love blogging very much, and now it’s my profession. I live in West Bengal, Kolkata.

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