Upcoming Marvel Shows and Movies We Can’t Wait For

When it comes to superheroes and their live-action adaptations, everyone would agree that Marvel takes the cake. Marvel recently came out with animated shows as well such as What If…?  In which they created altered storylines for many famous events in the Marvel universe. While many of these movies will be released in theaters, you will be able to stream the shows at home on Disney+. 

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Upcoming Marvel Shows and Movies

Here are some Marvel shows and movies that you should keep an eye out for. Some of them have already come out, some are set to release soon and some are yet to be announced. Keep reading all the way to the end to keep yourself updated!

  1. Loki Season 2

The first one in line was the second season of Loki released on October 6th and it was the kind of show that everyone was pretty excited for. If you remember the first season, there was a mid-credits scene that confirmed that Loki would return for a second season and the season finally dropped this year. It continued the story of Loki and how there was a supposed plan or theory that would help with the current Kang catastrophe. 

It is said that Kang is stronger than Thanos in the sense that Kang has a lot of knowledge about the multiverse, which gives him an edge and makes him stronger. 

  1. The Marvels 

The next movie in line is The Marvels which is set to release on the 10th of November. It will continue the stories of Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan as they take on the mantles of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. Not just that, we will also see some of Monica Rambeau who also developed superhero powers in WandaVision. Only time will tell when the movie is released for us to see whether the movie is good or not. 

One of the most interesting elements of the movie is that Kamala will finally get to meet her favorite Avenger and icon, Captain Marvel, and will also get the chance to fight alongside her. 

  1. What If…? 

As mentioned earlier, What If…? Will also be renewed for a second season later this year. Many queries of people were resolved in the first season of Loki which showcased the possibilities of alternate storylines. However, there were some alternate storylines that were not resolved such as Captain Carter’s discovery that Steve Rogers’ suit from World War II, the Hydro Stomper, was still preserved and that someone was inside it. 

Another unresolved storyline was that there is an alternate Gamora who wore Thanos’ armor and teamed up with Tony Stark who had a cosmic Iron Man suit. However, aside from these, there could be some more storylines that could be explored as well. The only way to find out would be to wait for the show to drop so that we could find out what’s next. 

  1. Echo 

Another interesting movie that is set to drop next year is Echo in which we’ll get to see some of Maya Lopez who made her first appearance in Marvel’s Hawkeye. Maya is the adoptive daughter of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin and both of them have been associated with Daredevil. The most interesting thing about Echo is that she is deaf, just like how Daredevil is blind and both of them use their abilities to the max. 

Not only that, but Echo also has the ability to mimic her opponent’s fighting style, just like Taskmaster. It is also believed that Echo will join the next Avengers and she will be the next Ronin after Clint Barton. So we can only wait to see how Echo will continue the Ronin legacy. The movie is set to release in January 2024. 

  1. Deadpool 3 

Everyone’s favorite superhero is making a return in May 2024. Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is finally coming to the big screen very soon. This will be the first movie about Deadpool that will make a connection to the MCU. The thing that we are excited about the most is that Hugh Jackman is going to return as well as he takes on the iconic character of Wolverine one more time. So it turns out that 2017’s Logan wasn’t the last of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. 

The movie will definitely have a lot of comedy as it did in the previous parts which would make the movie just as interesting as the last two parts were, giving you a perfect blend of both comedy and action. 

Wrapping Up

We are certain that Marvel will not let us down with these movies and all we can do is wait for them to drop so that we can see how Marvel outdoes itself again!