James Stewart Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

James Stewart Wiki: James Stewart was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania, on May 20, 1908. His friends and family called him Jimmy. He was Elizabeth Ruth Jackson and Alexander Maitland Stewart’s oldest child and only son. Mary and Virginia were his younger sisters. The Stewarts came from a long line of Scots and Scotch-Irish people. As a child, Stewart was very interested in flying, but as his interest in acting grew, it became more important to him. His father wanted him to run the family hardware shop, but fate had other plans for this talented actor.

James was a shy child known to be more artistic than bright. While he was a student at Princeton University, he began to act. After he graduated in 1932, he started playing on stage and made a name for himself on Broadway. From 1949 until he died in 1994, he married Gloria Hatrick McLean. They had two daughters simultaneously, and he also took in her two boys from her first marriage.

James Stewart Wiki, Bio

James Stewart Wiki/Bio

James Stewart Personal InformationDetails
Full NameJames Maitland “Jimmy” Stewart
Date of BirthMay 20, 1908
Place of BirthIndiana, Pennsylvania
ParentsElizabeth Ruth Jackson and Alexander Maitland Stewart
SiblingsMary and Virginia Stewart
EducationPrinceton University
Marital StatusMarried to Gloria Hatrick McLean
ChildrenTwin daughters and two adopted sons
Date of DeathJuly 2, 1997
Cause of DeathPulmonary embolism
HobbiesModel airplanes, Mechanical drawings, and chemistry
AncestryScottish and Scotch-Irish

James Stewart Height, Weight, and More

James Stewart was known for his unique voice, a warm, slightly drawling tone that made his acting talents stand out. He stood tall and was very tall. Because he was small when he was young, he had to play on the third-best football team at Mercersburg Academy in prep school. Even though this was the case, he kept his love of sports living his whole life by being on the track team and jumping high.

Stewart was known for his sharp features and charming personality. Both on and off the screen, these things added to his attractiveness. This actor, who won an Academy Award, was very tall and skinny, which gave him a unique look in Hollywood that his fans still remember.

James Stewart Physical AttributesDetails
Height1.91m (6 feet 3 inches)
Weight75kg (165 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Distinctive FeaturesSlender physique, distinctive voice
Sports InvolvementJames Stewart’s Physical Attributes

James Stewart Career Information

James Stewart’s work as an actor got off to a good start when he played a small part in the 1935 movie “The Murder Man.” The following year, he got his big break in Frank Capra’s group comedy “You Can’t Take It with You.” Capra got his first of five Academy Award nods in 1939 for “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” The following year, for his part in “The Philadelphia Story,” he won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

James Stewart

Stewart is also known for working with directors Anthony Mann and Alfred Hitchcock. “Winchester ’73,” “The Glenn Miller Story,” “The Naked Spur,” “Rope,” “Rear Window,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” and “Vertigo” are some of his best-known movies. He was in a lot of successful movies and had a great acting career for more than 50 years.

James Stewart Career InformationDetails
Career Start1935
First MovieThe Murder Man
Breakthrough MovieYou Can’t Take It with You
Notable FilmsMr. Smith Goes to Washington, The Philadelphia Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Vertigo
Directors Worked WithFrank Capra, Anthony Mann, Alfred Hitchcock
Academy AwardsBest Actor for The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Retirement Year1991

James Stewart Net Worth Information

James Stewart made a lot of money over the course of his long and successful playing career. Most of his money came from his acting work, both on stage and on screen. Notably, his part in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which was not a big hit when it came out but has become a Christmas classic, has helped him earn a lot of money over time. Stewart made money in other ways besides acting, such as through endorsements and public events.

Stewart had a good life, and he was known for giving money to good causes. Both on and off the screen, he was humble and had a strong sense of right and wrong. This gave his life a richness that went beyond financial wealth. Even after he stopped acting in 1991, his timeless works made money because of his name.

James Stewart Net Worth InformationDetails
Source of WealthActing Career
Notable PaychecksIt’s a Wonderful Life, The Philadelphia Story
EndorsementsVarious undisclosed endorsements
PhilanthropyInvolved in various charity activities
Real EstateOwned properties in Los Angeles
Retirement Year1991
Posthumous EarningsRevenue from classics and merchandise
Other VenturesOccasional appearances in television and radio

10 Interesting Facts about James Stewart

  1. James Stewart served in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, rising to the rank of Brigadier General.
  2. He continued his love for aviation by becoming a private pilot in real life.
  3. Stewart was known for playing the accordion, a skill he learned after his father received an accordion as payment at his hardware store.
  4. He was nicknamed “The Great American Bachelor” before marrying at age 41.
  5. He voiced the character Sheriff Wylie Burp in the animated film ‘An American Tail: Fievel Goes West,’ his final film role.
  6. He was a lifelong supporter of the Boy Scouts of America.
  7. Stewart maintained a strong friendship with his frequent co-star, Henry Fonda, despite their differing political views.
  8. His role as George Bailey in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is considered one of the most iconic performances in cinema history.
  9. He was ranked the third greatest male screen legend of the Golden Age Hollywood by the American Film Institute.
  10. Stewart held the record for the most leading roles – 20 – at the annual Academy Awards ceremony.


In conclusion, James Stewart was a great actor with a unique playing style that made people love him. He had a great acting career and a loving family, and he worked hard at things he was interested in, like aviation. Even though he was famous and had a lot of money, he was always humble and down-to-earth.

He was the perfect example of the “American Ideal” throughout his life. His amazing rise from a shy child who wanted to fly planes to a beloved Hollywood star is an inspiration to many budding actors. Stewart’s movies have stood the test of time, and he is still one of the most famous stars in Hollywood history.