Jim Caviezel Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Jim Caviezel Wiki: Jim Caviezel is a well-known actor born James Patrick Caviezel Jr. He is best known for his fantastic role as Jesus Christ in the highly acclaimed movie “The Passion of the Christ” and the exciting series “Person of Interest.” Caviezel was born in Mount Vernon, Washington, on September 26, 1968. He grew up in Conway, Washington, in a Catholic home. His father is of Swiss and Slovak origin, and his mother is Irish. This gives him a wealthy background. His path into acting began in the theaters of Seattle, where he got small parts before becoming a big star.

Caviezel’s acting skills and charm have made a big difference. Even though he was offered a scholarship to study acting at the famous Juilliard School, he decided to work his way up in the acting world instead. In 1998, he got his big break when he performed strongly in Terrence Malick’s World War II movie “The Thin Red Line.” Even though he had to deal with problems and health problems while shooting “The Passion of the Christ,” his performance as Jesus Christ touched people worldwide.

Jim Caviezel Wiki/Bio

Jim Caviezel Wiki and BiographyDetails
Full NameJames Patrick Caviezel Jr.
In the 1991 film ‘My Own Private Idaho.’September 26, 1968
Birth PlaceMount Vernon, Washington, U.S.
ParentsJames Caviezel (Father), Margaret (née Lavery) (Mother)
SiblingsTimothy (brother), Ann, Amy, and Erin (sisters)
EducationHe Didn’t pursue his scholarship at Juilliard School
Early CareerStarted acting in Seattle, Washington
First Major RoleIn the 1991 film ‘My Own Private Idaho’
Breakthrough RoleAs Private Witt in ‘The Thin Red Line (1998)
Notable RoleJesus Christ in ‘The Passion of the Christ (2004)
SpouseKerri Browitt Caviezel

Jim Caviezel Height, Weight, and More

Caviezel’s tall height and athletic build helped him get parts in high-action movies and TV shows. The fact that he is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 83 kilograms makes him a well-known figure in the business. He has beautiful blue eyes and dark brown hair, which make him even more charming on-screen.

As a dedicated actor, Caviezel has also had to deal with physical difficulties on the set of his movies. He got pneumonia, broke his shoulder, and was struck by lightning while filming “The Passion of the Christ,” which shows how acting can sometimes be stiff on your body.

Jim Caviezel Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
Weight83 kg (183 lbs)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown
Distinguishing FeaturesTall stature, athletic build
Physical ChallengesSuffered injuries during the shooting of ‘The Passion of the Christ
Health IssuesPneumonia during the shooting of ‘The Passion of the Christ
Fitness RoutineRegular workout and balanced diet

Jim Caviezel Career Information

Caviezel has had several exciting parts in both movies and TV shows. He has played many roles, from Jesus Christ in “The Passion of the Christ” to John Reese in the CBS show “Person of Interest.” He also did well in “G.I. Jane,” “The Thin Red Line,” “Frequency,” and “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Jim Caviezel

Even though he had trouble because of his part in “The Passion of the Christ,” Caviezel never let it stop him from moving forward. He continued to act in movies like “Outlander,” “Déjà Vu,” and “Long Weekend.” He was initially chosen to play Scott Summers/Cyclops in “X-Men,” but he had to drop out because of timing problems.

Jim Caviezel Career InformationDetails
Career Start1991
First TV RoleMurder, She Wrote
Breakthrough RoleThe Thin Red Line (1998)
Notable TV RoleJohn Reese in ‘Person of Interest’
Dropped RoleCyclops in ‘X-Men’ due to scheduling conflicts
AccoladesNominated for People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor in 2014 and 2016

Jim Caviezel Net Worth Information

Jim Caviezel has built up an excellent net worth through a job lasting more than 30 years. As of 2023, he is thought to be worth $25 million. Most of his money comes from movies and TV shows where he acts. But he also makes money from endorsements, deals with companies, and appearances at different events.

Even though Caviezel is rich, he is known for living a simple life. He doesn’t like to show off his money, so he lives a simple life. He gives money to several organizations and is often seen helping causes he cares about.

Jim Caviezel Net Worth InformationDetails
Net Worth (2023)$25 Million
Income SourceActing in Films and Television
Sponsorship DealsUnspecified
PropertyHouses in Los Angeles
Charity WorksSupports several charities
LifestyleSimple and modest
Luxury IndulgencePrefers to live simply
Future Projects‘The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection’

Exciting Facts Facts About Jim Caviezel

  1. Caviezel turned down a scholarship to Juilliard School to pursue acting.
  2. Lightning struck him while filming “The Passion of the Christ.”
  3. He was initially cast as Cyclops in “X-Men” but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.
  4. He portrayed Jesus Christ again in an audio dramatization called “The Word of Promise.”
  5. Caviezel was nominated twice for the People’s Choice Award for his role in “Person of Interest.”
  6. He narrated a documentary on Pope John Paul II.
  7. He was set to lead in the CBS series “SEAL Team,” but left due to creative differences.
  8. He played the Apostle Luke in the film “Paul, Apostle of Christ.”
  9. Caviezel is set to reprise his role as Jesus in the sequel to “The Passion of the Christ.”
  10. He plays Tim Ballard in the movie “Sound of Freedom,” which focuses on the fight against child sex trafficking.


Jim Caviezel is a talented actor who has done many different things in the entertainment business. His wide range of parts and consistent performances show how much he cares about what he does and how much he loves it. Even though Caviezel has dealt with problems and setbacks, his passion and determination have helped him build a great career.

Fans are looking forward to seeing what he does next, and Caviezel’s career as a skilled actor inspires many aspiring artists. His journey shows that anyone can reach great heights in their chosen field if they work hard, are honest, and don’t give up.